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A modern company with over 100 years of tradition.

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Below please find standard types of bags, which are always in stock.

Double-wall SOS bags

SOS bag 100 x 70 x 290mm

Papers: bleached 70gsm + recycled unbleached 80gsm

SOS bag 105 x 60 x 290mm

Papers: bleached 70gsm + bleached PE-coated 50gsm +20gsm
(bottom patch)

SOS bags 140 x 75 x 310mm

Papers: bleached 80gsm + recycled unbleached 80gsm

SOS bag 160 x 80 x 380mm

Papers: bleached 80gsm + unbleached Pe-coated 50gsm + 20gsm
(bottom patch)

SOS bag 220 x 140 x 520mm


Papers: bleached 80gsm + unbleached PE-coated 50gsm +20gsm

SOS bag 180 x 110 x 425mm (capacity 5kg)


          Papers: bleached 80gsm                         Papers: unbleached 70gsm
   + unbleached 70gsm                               + unbleached 70gsm

SOS bag 320 x 160 x 500mm (capacity 10kg)

Papers: unbleached 70gsm + unbleached 70gsm